1. Description of the service

Warehouse 10 is a digital platform for the promotion, presentation and sale of selected products and services that is addressed to the friends of wine and “Kir-Yianni”.

1.1. How do I access Warehouse 10?

You can access Warehouse 10 through the URL www.warehouse10.gr or the Kir-Yanni website www.kiryianni.gr, by selecting the page of Warehouse 10.

2. Product and Services Orders

2.1. How can I order products and services on Warehouse 10?

The basic way of placing an order of selected products and services on Warehouse 10 is τhrough the Warehouse 10 website, www.warehouse10.gr.

2.2. How do I place an order for products and services on the Warehouse 10 website?

On the e-platform of Warehouse 10 you can freely navigate and select the products and/or the services you are interested in. Then you are transferred to the page where the product/service is described and from there you can add them to your cart. If you wish to continue by adding more products/services, you choose the link “More purchases”. Otherwise you carry on with the payment of your order.
In order to make your payment, you are transferred to a secure, certified link where you are asked to provide your delivery information as well as determine the means of payment.

2.3. How can I send a gift to someone?

In case you want to send a gift to someone, in the cart of “Check Out” you fulfill the sender’s full name, the recipient’s full name and a message to the recipient.
Note: The recipient’s address of the product is different from the recipient’s address of the invoice/receipt.

3. Means of payment / Charges

3.1. How can I pay for the products and/or the services I ordered?

The means of payment are:

1. By credit card

2. By Bank deposit

The bank accounts of Warehouse 10 are:

EUROBANK IBAN: GR40 0260 3450 0001 9020 0368 470 BIC: ERBKGRAA
PIRAEUS IBAN: GR12 0172 2440 0052 4400 3593 074 BIC: PIRBGRAA
ALPHA IBAN: GR59 0140 8310 8310 0232 0000 550 BIC: CRBAGRAA

3. By PayPal

For the holders of the credit card issued by a foreign bank, the payment shall only occur through PayPal.

3.2 What are the charges for the order?

The cost of each order depends on the price of each product (VAT included) as well as the place of delivery.

Note: Free Shipping for orders over 200,00€.



4.1.1. May I place an order from abroad?

In case you want to place an order from abroad, please call us in +30 23320 51100 or send an e-mail at info@warehouse10.gr.

4.1.2. How are the orders executed?

The orders are executed by a courier all over Greece and the EU countries.

4.1.3. How long it takes for my order to be executed?

On the mainland the order is executed within 5 working days.
To the islands and isolated areas, it might take longer.
For orders from abroad, the execution schedule depends on the country of delivery.


4.2.1. If I receive a product other than the one I ordered either in kind and/or quantity, what should I do?

In case you receive a product other than the one you ordered either in kind or/and quantity, you may return the products for control and verification of the mistake along with all the required documents e.g. retail receipt or invoice.

If you adhere to the proposed way of returning the products to the company, Kir-Yianni S.A. shall bear the costs of the return and the new dispatch to the customer.

4.2.2. In case of a defect, what should I do?

The competent employees of Kir-Yianni have carefully examined the products selected for Warehouse 10 having in mind the customer’s maximum satisfaction. Moreover, strict criteria have been implemented as to the storage and preservation conditions of the products.

In case of a defect, you have the right to return the said product to the company within seven days from its supply in order to be examined and for the defect to be verified. It must be accompanied by all the required documents, such as retail receipt or invoice.

Kir-Yianni shall bear the costs for the return of the product as well as the costs of transport of the product in replacement.

Upon verification of the defect, the product shall be replaced. If it is impossible for the company to replace the product, the transaction is cancelled and the money is refunded in the same manner as the initial payment by the customer to the company occurred.

In case that the products have been returned damaged or with inefficiencies, then Kir-Yianni reserves the right not to replace the product.

As Kir-Yianni always aims to the maximum satisfaction of the customer, it is important that the returned products are in excellent condition. If the weather conditions are not appropriate for the transport of wines (extreme heat or freeze), it is possible to suspend the transport upon the notification and the consent of the customer.


4.3.1. Is it possible to cancel my order?

It is possible for a customer to cancel his order without penalty only if the order has not been yet sent. Otherwise the customer shall bear the costs of transport.
It is not possible to cancel an order after it has been delivered to the customer.

4.3.2. How would I be refunded in case of an order cancellation?

In case of an order cancellation prior to its execution although the payment had gone through, the refund takes place only by crediting the customer’s account.


5.1. How could I contact you?

Call us on +30 23320 51 100 or send an email to info@warehouse10.gr

5.2. When can I contact you?

Our call center is open from Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00.

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