The so-called “Ramnista Crus” is a triplet of wines made from 100% Xinomavro, which come from three different blocks of the Kir-Yianni Estate (Ktima) in Naoussa.

The 42 vineyard blocks at the sloppy hills of the Kir-Yianni Estate in Yianakohori, Naoussa, are characterised by their diversity of soil, inclination and orientation. Therefore, early enough, the need emerged, to manage each block separately. Apart from the micro-vinification process applied, the aim is to highlight the distinct character of the grapes coming from different blocks of the vineyard and to create wines that reflect the various qualities of their terroir.

2011 is the first vintage where Kir-Yianni bottled separately and in limited quantity blocks #5 (Limni), #9 (Siniaki) and #15 (Cyclamina), in order to express the influence of various factors, such as the age of vines, the soil and the clones, on the wine.

The three labels of Limni, Cyclamina and Siniaki represent the rich, smooth or aromatic expression of Xinomavro from the exquisite terroir of Naoussa.

Only 100 cases of 3 X 750 ml wines of the superb 2013 vintage will be released through the Warehouse 10 platform.

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Protected Designation of Origin Naoussa, 750 ml

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